Taurus Lagna Planets benefic, malefic and yogas

Taurus Lagna


  • Sun, lord of 4th house is auspicious, since owning a Kendra.

  • Moon is inauspicious since it owns 3rd house.

  • Mars owns 7th and 12th although it is Maraka, due to ownership it is auspicious. 

  • Mercury is auspicious since it owns 2nd (neutral) and 5 (Kona) but it is still a maraka planet.

  • Jupitar as owner of 8 and 11th house is inauspicious 

  • Venus as owner of Kendra/ Kona and 6th house is neutral for this lagna.

  • Saturn is lord of 9th and 10th is the primary karaka for this lagna. Placement of Saturn in 8th and 12 will bring rajayoga as Saturn is karaka for 8th and 12th house.

  • Placement of Sun, Mercury and Saturn will not confer any fortunes if placed in Lagna.

  • Mars, Jupiter combination or Rahu in 10th house will confer dip in holy rivers.

  • Moon will confer yoga when positioned at 4th and aspected by either Jupiter or Mercury.

  • Mars in 7th is benefic and conjunction with Sun and Jupiter in 11th house indicate long life.

  • Mercury Jupiter conjunction/ association will cause Dhana yoga is not aspected by Mars

  • Mars, mercury, and Jupiter conjunction/ association will cause debt during the mercury Dasha.

  • Jupiter Dasha will be mixed and Mars Dasha will give wealth. 

  • Mercury Dasha will give happiness during its Dasha if placed in Kendra.