The planets will give results based on the strength of the planet, the aspects it receives and the conjunction with other planets in the house.  Here, we will see what will be effect of conjunction of two planets in any house. Please note this is very general in nature and the results will vary with the house they are situated and strength of planets with which it conjunct. The result will also vary with the Lagna, position of Lagna lord and also individual horoscope  

SUN-MOON    ---- The native will have the capability to learn Vastushastra. He may be a good sculptor and excel in the trade / business of iron and stone. 

 SUN-MARS   --- The native will be aggressive, bold, and hardworking in nature but will not derive the full return for the efforts he put in.  Based on the position, he may become famous also.  

SUN-MERCURY    ----   This combination is most common one and it is commonly called BUDH Aditya yoga. The native will be soft spoken, have better analytical abilities and good at mathamatics.  They can be good actors, editors and thinkers.  

SUN-JUPITER     ----  It represent knowledge and the native will get favours from government and notable peoples.  

SUN-VENUS    ----  The mind of the native is full of sexual thoughts and so he has bad morals.  They may sufferings in eye  

SUN-SATURN   ---- The natives have faith in God. They will have good knowledge of metals and minerals. The father son relationship will not be good.  

MOON-MARS  -- This combination is known as Chandra Mangal yoga. It make the native Rich. He will be brave, lucky, successful and artistic. They will have problem with their life partner.  

MOON-MERCURY   ----  The natives are kind and pious. They will have profession of writing and receive many awards and recognition. 

 MOON-JUPITER  --- This is called Guru Chandra yoga in astrology. The natives are romantic, liberal, helpful, and religious. He also believes in social service.  

MOON-VENUS ---  These people are very good businessmen. They will be active in sex , have sense of Humor and spend a lot for material pleasures.  

MOON-SATURN ----- They are sluggish in nature, lazy and more sleepy. Will have problem of finance.  

MARS-MERCURY----  Most of the Doctors, speakers particularly in the field of politic will have this combination .These people are well off.  

MARS-JUPITER---- This is called Guru Mangal yoga. These people are good in maths, learnerd and virtuous. Love and play music.  

MARS-VENUS---- These people are businessman metallurgy and aerospace is most suitable profession.

   MARS-SATURN --- This combination is not good unless one lord should be in his own rasi or powerful. These people can not be trusted and they will do anything for their benefits. 

 MERCURY-JUPITER----- These people are very good speakers, poet, writers and lyricists. They will have good fame. 

 MERCURY-VENUS---- This combination make a person good in accounts and elevate the person to a level of king like. They will have good influence in the Government. People will attracted towards them.  

MERCURY-SATURN ---- They are knowledgeable and good speakers. They take the profession of teaching and acting 


JUPITER-VENUS-----The people are very calculative and careful in nature. They are healthy and wealthy and hence enjoy life.  

JUPITER-SATURN  ---Experts are born under this conjunction. They are skilled in their field, earn respect and become rich and famous. 

 VENUS-SATURN----The natives have the ability to paint, own livestock and fall sick often. They are not wealthy and have low sperm count.



Brief Introduction

Marriage is a most complex issue wherein two minds come together and decided to carry on for life. As we all know it is very difficult to predict the mind of the human being that too particularly it is most difficult to find what is in the mind of a girl. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Astrologically also there are lots of hurdles in marriage stating from 10 porutham or marriage compatibility, Manglik, Naga dosha, Punarphoo and so on.

There are catch 22 situation regarding love marriage as many of them come to an astrologer for match compatibility etc after they decided to marry. When the astrologer says some negative aspects about their compatibility, the conflict starts. Now let us analyze in detail about all.  It is only a glimpse of astrology connected with marriage as each one is a topic of its own and can be discussed elaborately. 

10 Proutham

First we start with the 10 porutham. What are the 10 porutham and what it signifies?

  Dina Poruthan

Counting from the star of the girl, 2,4,6,8,9,11, 13,   15,18,20,24,26 numbers are said to compatible with some exception to certain   stars

This ensure that the couple will be healthy


Gana Porutham

The human beings based on the star of birth are   classified into three Ganas namely, Deva, Manushya and Rakshsa

This ensure general happiness of marital life


Yoni Proutham

Compatibility based on the animals associated with the   star 

Sexual compatibility 


Rasi proutham

Compatibility based on the Rasi of boy and Rasi of   Girl.

This will ensure children


Rasiathipathy proutham

Depends of relationship between the rasiathipathy of   Girl and Boy

Ensures children



The count between girl’s star and Boy’s star

Give Wealth



If the count between Girl’s star and Boy’s star exceed   13 it is good

All round Prosperity 


Vasya proutham

Certain rasi are in vasyam with others 

Ensures love and attachment


Rajju Proutham

The stars are classified as different Rajjus in up and   down mode.

Life of husband, wife and their wealth.


Vedai Proutham

Certain stars are opposite to each other

Happy married life.

If 5 prouthams including Rajju is consider compatible 

Manglik dosha:

We have crossed the first stage of match compatibility and will move to the next stage manglik dosha. Manglik dosha is the most sort of compatibility between the boy’s and Girl’s horoscope and there are different school of thoughts in Manglik and I will be presenting here what I presume it tobe acceptable to me.

The Manglik dosha is said to be there if Mars occupy 2,4,7,8,12 houses from Lagna, Moon or Venus. We normally see for Lagna and Moon. There is some exception to this. 

Ø If mars occupy its own sign i.e Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn where mars exalted.

Ø When Mars get the aspect of Jupiter or Saturn

Ø When Mars conjunction with Jupiter or Saturn

The rule if one person deemed to Mangal Dosha then the horoscope should be matched other person who also has Mangal dosha. There is exception on account of Bhava chart also which I do not want to touch at present. 

What is impact of Manglik ? It create disharmony in married life , delayed marriage even death of the spouse. In particular Second House Mars will make the native Poor evil minded and fourth house Mars create problems from friends, vehicles and general weakness, seventh house mars create problem from enemies, unnecessary worries, body weakness and sorrows, Eighth House Mars gives eye disease, bad luck, problems due to blood-related diseases and the 12th house mars gives laziness, restless body and eye diseases etc. 

What are the remedies: The remedies are match manglik horoscope with another manglik one so that it will nullify one another. Delayed marriage also one of the remedial factor for Manglik.

Naga Dosha

We move to the third phase of Naga dosha: 

The naga dosha is formed when 

Ø Rahu/ ketu is in Mesha or Vrischika

Ø Sani, rahu/ ketu is in the fifth house and aspected by Mars

Ø Venus and Mars conjunction

Ø Sani mars conjunction or aspect

The Naga Dosha will cause last marriage, delayed birth of child, Misunderstandings between couples, cancellation of marriage, separation etc. 

Horoscope position

Now we are entering the most important aspect of marriage that is compatible horoscopes beyond what we discussed before. If a marriage should be successful then the following houses should be checked in the horoscope.

ü 7th house is known as house of relationship. It does not stop with marriage but covers all relationship and partnership for business. If any way the 5th house is connected with 7th house love marriage is also possible, since 5th house represent love and affection.

ü 2nd house indicate family and relative. Since marriage is relationship between two families second house gains more important for married life.

ü 11th house is house of desire and gains from society. There a strong 11th house is the base for gainful marriage. Here gainful mean love and affection between the couple.

ü 12th house is house of bed pleasure. 

ü Venus is lord of marriage and relationship even if it is not connected with the 7th, 2nd and 11th house.

ü The lord of the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 11th house and its placement will make the marriage or break the marriage. 

How to predict the time of marriage:

Marriage will happen any of the period means dasha of the planets

v The 7th Lord from Lagna or Moon  or dispositor of 7th house Can give Marriage in its Period.

v Planets Placed in 7th house or aspecting 7th house from Ascendant or Moon or Navamsa Lagna can also give marriage in its period.

v Marriage can also take place during the period of 2nd Lord, and dasha and antherdasha of Rahu, Venus, and ASC lord.

v When Jupiter aspect the 2nd, 5th 7th and 9th house during its transit, the marriage can happen.

v When Saturn moves over the 7th house in transit and during the seven and half period of Saturn marriage may happen.

v Normally marriage may not happen when Saturn is in the 8th house during transit.

Problems in marriage: 

Nowadays there are problems of separation between the couple are plenty and some time it may leads to divorce also. Let us see how astrology explains the separation of divorce. The following instances are causing problems in marriages.

ü When, Sun, Rahu, Saturn and mars, all or at least two influences the Lord lf 7th house or 7th house separation is possible. 

ü If 7th house hemmed between malefic or malefic planet placed in 7th house or 7th lord is placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house or conjunction with malefic. 

ü Debilitated 7th lord or combust of 7th lord 

ü If 2nd house hemmed between malefic or influenced by malefic

ü Debilitated, retrograde Venus in 7th and 4th house will lead to divorce. 

ü 6th house or lord of 6th house is in conjunction or associate with the lord of 7th house, causing legal separation. 

ü Sun is a most powerful and its connection with 7th house will create problems/ misunderstanding with the couples.

ü Sun and Mars association or conjunction in any house will create misunderstanding and separation in married life. 

ü Rahu/ ketu in 2nd and 8th house also cause delayed marriage and misunderstanding 

ü Ketu / Moon Rahu/sun conjunction in 2nd or 7th may leads to misunderstanding.

ü Punarphoo Dosha I,e conjunction of Moon and Saturn will cause problems in married life.


We have discussed about the astrological impact of marriage making and breaking and some time people will ask me that they are in love and later when they check with astrologyer he said they will have problems or separation on cards or they do not have 10 prouthams etc. My suggestion to them is only one, if your minds are bonded together, never see astrology go ahead and get married. If you combine both it will be create disharmony in life. 

10 prouthems are important as astrology is behind the same, but the horoscope of the boy and girl should be given more importance as to placement of planets dasha systems etc for a successful married life. 

Besides astrology, prayers and worship of God will solve many problem in life thatswhy remedies are suggested by the astrologers. Last but not the least in Tamil there is saying “விதியை மதியால் வெல்லலாம்” which means you can conquer the fate through your intelligence. There is one more meaning also the fate is seen through Lagna centric and intelligence can be seen through Moon centric. Therefore, take into consideration of Moon centric planetary position also while predicting the future. 

How to find a planet is malefic or benefic.

Let us analyze benefic based on the ownership.

 1. The benefic owning Kendra i.e. 1, 4, 7 and 10 will lose its beneficence and become neutral. They will not become malefic


2. The same way a malefic owning a Kendra i.e 1, 4, 7, 10 will lose its malfeasance and become neutral. They will not become benefic.


3. The planets owning 3, 6 and 11 are inauspicious  

4. Lord of 8th and 12 are neutral. 

5. The lord owning 8th house although natural, it will not cause rajayoga even if they own a Kendra or Kona. 

6. If the 8th lord owns any of 3, 6 and 11, it becomes inauspicious. 

7. If the lord owns two house, it will give effect of the house which is stronger. i.e on Kendras, the ascending order of strength is 1, 4, 7 and 10. On kones the ascending order of strength is 5 and 9. On Trishadayas the order is 3, 6, and 11. 2 and 12 house do not have any strength and 8th house will never be stronger than Lagna. Futher Kendras are powerful than trishadaysa who powerful than Kones. Hence the orders of strength of the houses are 2, 12, 5, 9, 3, 6, 11, 8, 1, 4, 7, and 10.

 8. On the bases of, if a planet owns two houses for exp. For Gemini Asc, Saturn owns 8th and 9th house and since 8th house is stronger than 9th, it will give predominately the effects of 8th house and less of 9th house. 

9. Ownership of 8th house will not affect Sun and Moon and it will not be termed as inauspicious. 

 Now let us analyze the planets based on the beneficence and malfeasance 

1. Jupiter and Venus are natural benefic, 

 2. Sun, Saturn and Mars are the natural malefic 

3. Moon is during waxing is benefic and during waning is malefic.

 4. Mercury when associate with malefic is termed as malefic and when associated with benefic will be termed as benefic. 

5. Waxing  Moon, Mercury, Jupiter & Venus are stronger in that order for beneficence 

6.  Waning Moon, Sun, Saturn and Mars are stronger in ascending order for malfeasance. 

7 Hence the order of strength is increasing order of beneficence is Mars    Saturn     Sun     waning Moon     waning Moon     Mercury     Jupiter  Venus. 

 8 Therefore, the most malefic planet is Mars and Most benefic planet is Venus.


 How to find out the yogakaraka 


1. A Kendra lord in kona or a kona lord in Kendra will become a Yogakaraka

. 2. Rahu and ketu in Kendra or kona receive aspect from or associated with a Kendra lord or Kona lord will become a yoga karaka.


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