Gemini Lagna Planets Benefics Malefics and Yoga

Gemini Lagna Planets Benefics Malefics and Yoga


ü  Sun as lord of 3rd house is inauspicious

ü Moon as lord of 2nd house is Maraka but cannot be an Independent killer.

ü Mars is extremely inauspicious as it owns 6th and 11th house.

ü Mercury is neutral as it owns 1 and 4 and hence suffer Kendradhipatya dosa.

ü Jupiter is inauspicious as it suffers kendradhipatya dosa.

ü Venus is auspicious as it is lord of 5th and 12th which is neutral.

ü Saturn is auspicious but cannot cause raja yoga as it owns 8th house.

ü Placement of sun and mercury in Leo will prove fortunate during Mercury Dasha.

ü Venus, moon, and mars conjunction at 2nd house will confer wealth during Venus Dasha.

ü Saturn Dasha will give mixed result if mars is in Cancer with moon and Saturn in Capricorn.

ü Wealth get destroyed during Mars Dasha, if mars and Saturn in Cancer and moon in Capricorn

ü Saturn in 9th house and mars and moon conjunction in Aries will cause dhana yoga.

ü Placement of mercury in 11th house will indicate misunderstanding with elder brother.