Cancer Lagna Planets Benefics Malefics and Yoga

Cancer Lagna Planets Benefics Malefics and Yoga


Ø Sun is lord of 2nd house is neutral but a weak maraka.

Ø Moon is Kona lord and hence auspicious 

Ø Mar is the lord of 5th and 10th house and hence yogakaraka.

Ø Mercury is inauspicious as owner of 3rd and 12th house (neutral)

Ø Jupiter as lord of 6th and 9th house is auspicious but  not confer Raja yoga.

Ø Venus is neutral as it owns 4th and 11th house.

Ø Saturn holds 7th and 8th house hence neutral and is also weak maraka.

Ø Mercury is good but Jupiter can not cause any yoga

Ø Venus is benefic if placed in 2nd or 3rd house.

Ø Mars, Jupiter and moon are in 2nd house and Sun and Venus in 5th make the native become wealthy.

Ø Mercury and Venus in 5th house will cause benefit during the Mercury Dasha.

Ø Mercury, moon and Venus in 12th house, Jupiter in 1st house and sun in Aries will result in Raja yoga.

Ø Sun and Mars conjunction in Aries will make the native wealthy.

Ø Venus and mercury conjunction at 12th house will make the Venus Dasha fruitful.

Ø Jupiter and moon conjunction in 1st house will make the native famous and fortunate 

Ø Moon in 1st house and either mars in 7th house, or Saturn in 4th house or sun in 10 house  will produce Raja yoga

Ø Conjunction of sun and mercury in 1st house , Venus in 4th and moon, mars and Jupiter in 11th will make the native lose his money in Sun Dasha. Other Dashas will be good.

Ø Native will enjoy dip in holy rivers during the Rahu Dasha if mercury and Jupiter in 11th house and Saturn and rahu in 4th house.