ARIES Lagna Planets Benefics Malefics and Yoga attached



Ø Sun lord of 5th house is auspicious planet

Ø Moon lord of Kendra (4th house) whether he is benefic or malefic he will be neutral

Ø Mars is lord of lagna and the 8th house. He is auspicious planet since 8th lordship is neutral but cannot participate in Rajayogas

Ø Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 6th house and both are trishadaya, he is malefic 

Ø Jupiter owns 9th and 12th house and the 12th house is neutral he is auspicious plant 

Ø Venus is owner of 2nd and 7th and both are maraca sthanas, he is the Primary Meraka.

Ø Saturn is the lord of 10th and 11th house and lose it malfeasance nature as lord of Kendra. He will be neutral but cannot participate Rajayoga as the owener of Trishadaya i.e 11th house.

Ø Sun and moon conbine will confer rajayoga

Ø Jupiter become Maraka if he occupies Capricorn.

Ø If second lord occupies 12th house, it will confer yoga.

Ø Mars with Jupiter at 2nd  and 4th house will confer yoga.

Ø Jupiter in 11th house will give best result during his period.

Ø Mars and Venus combine at 7th house will confer self earned wealth.

Ø Mars , sun and venus combine at 8 will give fame

Ø Mercury and mars combines in 6th house will give sickness

Ø Mars, Sun, Jupiter combine at 9th house and Saturn ,Venus in 7th house will produce yoga.

Ø  Venus and sun at 1st house will be very auspicious if not aspected by Jupiter.

Ø Sun, Mercury and Venus combine at 11th house will give wealth during their dashas and andardashas.

Ø Sun in 1st house and moon in 4th house will give raja yoga.

Ø Jupiter and Venus combines in Capricorn will help the native to have dip in holy rivers